[MAY-gen HYL]

maegan heil [MAY-gen HYL]


  1. 90s kid with Trapper Keeper envy. hobbies included head banging with Dad to Dokken and curling up in a corner reading R.L. Stine’s Fear Street.

  2. author of FRESH MEAT

  3. not to be confused with the Megans [MEH-gens] or Meagans [MEE-gens] of the world.

  4. not to be confused with the Hails [heyls] or Halls1 [hawls] either.

Listen Now: How to Say My Name, Say My Name
[MAY-gen HYL]
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…plus, a fun fact about name pronunciation 2


Yikes! No, this is not the officer-gone-wild down in Tennessee…


Did you know that Theodore Seuss Geisel’s (who most of us know by Dr. Seuss) middle name actually rhymed with Voice? Big conspiracy! Google it! [Wink, wink!]