Um…What the heck is FRESH MEAT?

(And why should I subscribe?)

FRESH MEAT [fresh meet]


  1. short, experimental fiction, often works-in-progress, put on the chopping block for You, My Dear Reader to openly give feedback. if you’re not sure what to say, know this: my top number one main priority is not to bore you to death. if i’m doing that, please oh please, let me know. not telling me is like letting me go around smiling with a piece of steak stuck between my teeth.

  2. published bimonthly is the goal. but…sometimes the story isn’t ready. or isn’t good enough. more recently, sometimes a story that was intended for here ended up being submitted for consideration to a publication where they don’t accept previously published work, and when that happens…it’s back to the drawing board.

  3. if it’s here, it’s free (for now). paid subscribers would be like a dream come true. every day I fantasize about the day when I can do this full time. I mean, come on, who doesn’t? but the reality is this: I post irregularly. Bimonthly at best, and often times more like quarterly. That said, for those interested in showing their support through paid subscriptions, here’s what I’ve got to offer:

PAID SUBSCRIBERS (MONTHLY AND ANNUAL): will receive bimonthly FRESH MEAT swag (provided that you supply a valid mailing address). think stickers. buttons. pens. you know, the kind of stuff that a paid subscription might afford.

FOUNDING MEMBERS: bimonthly FRESH MEAT swag, plus an annual SIGNED short-story booklet made of real actual paper (provided that you supply a valid mailing address).

Thank you again for reading my work.

Until we MEAT again,


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..................stories for the chopping block.................. FRESH MEAT [fresh meet] noun 1. short fiction, often works-in-progress 2. served bi-monthly, sometimes quarterly 3. feedback welcome


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