This was phenomenal! Great story and you read it very well. Good job!

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The recurring seafood/lobster dinner and “burning the meat off your curtains”. Excellent imagery, and the transitioning of the seafood was well executed.

Great story

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"You look up at Mr. Right and his mouth is an O and his eyes are Daffy Duck with egg yolks dripping into the whites, and when you reach down to press four firm fingers on your freshly de-furred burger, he grabs the inside of your wrist and says, Don’t."

I figured I'd scan the first few lines on the email version and wait to read the full story later ... here I am, approximately 2:30 minutes after my email notification popped up. Story read.

Do I laugh? Do I scream? I do both. That was simultaneously horrifying and hilarious.

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great reading and story. Please do more.

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So good, Maegan! I'm in awe right now.

Gonna have to give it another listen later when can be more focused, cos I really don't wanna miss a single sentence, and I'm in an empty classroom at work it's not optimal conditions. Love the accent and the voice. Just the kind of American I can get on board with!

Any chance you could post the story in written format too? (Or send it to me?) Please. I'm much more of a reader than a listener, if I want to really appreciate the words and thought that's gone into structure. Don't worry if not, I'll understand.

Well done, friend! Really pleased for you, you absolutely smashed it to bits!

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(so proud)

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Feb 3·edited Feb 3Liked by Maegan Heil

I did not think I would understand what the MC was doing to herself, and I was also not sure I wanted to know, but this was amazing. My only disappointment is that I won't get to read Chuck's thoughts on it...I'm actually writing a scene now with, I'm assuming, similar motivations (PG-13, though ;-)), and it's exciting and inspiring to see how you've done what I'm trying to do. Bravo for that! What we'll all do for love, right?

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And oh yeah: "(which you have so smartly set out ahead of time so you do not find yourself fumbling with the package, frantically trying to free a unit of cloth before the smeared goop cools into a tearing-the-meat-off-your-curtain state.)" was my favorite-apparently she's done this already and made a terrible mistake by not setting out these muslin strips beforehand...

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Maegan -- I've been really jammed up and want to give your story proper attention. Thoughts soon!

And, BTW, Go Blue!

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Finally got a chance to listen, so good!

My wife is a hairdresser and when I heard “Sally’s beauty supply store” I audibly when...”oh no.”

The entire thing is gripping and just plain fun to listen to/read.

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Absolutely FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC!!! Hilariously disturbing story and excellent delivery! I love your use of tantalizing sexually descriptive words and euphemisms that keep the audience engaged and turned on by the whole scenery of a girl spreading herself wide and waxing her va-jay-jay and then the whole twist of the knife when it all turns to bloody yucky chopped up fish chum and guts. Your stage presence totally rocked too! Totally captivated by you! A++ Can't wait for your next tale!!

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This is such a great story to listen to! Awesome work, Maegan! You keep the reader so present.

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I accept by rejecting it! LOL and NO LOL at the same time, because I am that philosopher with the hammer, that poet with a fragile existence in the tropical/volcanic wilderness ....

Spirit, its energy is everything, like the Bible that is linked to everything we know or not. Our future has been written by our past!


How about hitting it off hot and hard?

"Order, order in the kangaroo court! How do you plead, dear biatches in frozen heat? Guilty? Not guilty, We got hairy legs and everything! I knew you would say that! Guilty! No court is adjourned!!

I gave it all, maybe not the best performance, but at least I tried ....





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Why don´t we inject the Pentagon or Pentagram with a Pfizer vaccine, it´s safe, bras? The Military Industrial Complex should slow down a bit on the way to the Abyss, the SOB POS MTF is trying to get us all killed at once in a nuclear holocaust! Step by step, and now to the left, step by step, and now to the right ..... clap clap boom ..... tralalalala!

Isn´t the immune system shut or shot down like the Chinese baloonery? USA had a meltdown over a Chinese baloon, WTF, Yo?! The aliens are coming for the perpetrators or perpetraitors of the democide!

I just paid tribute to Common Sense and Critical Thinking.


Do not forget to grab the DELUXE Special Limited Edition of Iceland In Bloom for your sweetheart today!


Happy Valentine´s, Maegan, and everybody!

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